Destiny:The Taken King Revisited…..

Its been roughly a month since I first got my hands on TTK.  It is by far the best expansion in the series. They have fixed many of the problems that once plagued the game such as constantly having  to constantly grinding to level up your weapons and gear. Now some issues that surfaced with this expansion is the lack of grandeur that was promised to us when first revealed. Dont know what im talking about?


This picture may explain it a bit but for those who dont know. This is Sleeper Simulant a exotic fusion rifle that occupies space in the heavy weapon slot. It is a call back to amazing Spartan Laser of Halo 3. But unlike its cousin this rail gun/ laser lacks the impact that is expected of it. Not only that but the gun itself is plagued by the problem of the quest to obtain it lacking some, if any grandeur to it. We were promised that to obtain this gun we would have to go on an epic “odyssey” to find the parts to obtain the gun. This was none of those…. It was at most a tedious little task without any dialogue from anything. During the entire process i was silently mourning the loss of what could have been the highlight of the expansion. After weeks and weeks of every Destiny player on the /SearchforSleeper subreddit looking for the gun through multiple conspiracy’s and harebrained theories. The gun was introduced very sneakily by Bungie by a small unassuming mission on Earth. The entire mission was silent with no words from the mysterious AI Rasputin who created the damned thing or from your single eyed companion Ghost.

Many people had poured time into figuring out the codes that were on the screens on missions to the point that they looked like they were wearing the infamous tin foil hat or like this guy…. Screen_Shot_2015-10-12_at_6.48.05_AM.0

Hours spent in looking for an answer that was not even there. When we thought that it would.

Definitely the lowest point within this expansion.

I will say however that the damage that the Sleeper can dish out is on par if not stronger than a shot from the venerated Gjallerhorn rocket launcher. Specifically the interesting thing about the heavy fusion rifle is that it can do critical damage if it hits the enemies critical spot. I would say that it can definitely be called Gjallerhorn 2.0 to some extent.