Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward….. content overload edition!

Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward is the expansion to Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn, which is made by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 14 has had a fairly interesting history as it was originally released it was met with much anticipation, but as people played it they soon found it lack luster. Then Square Enix had the brilliant move of instead of scrapping the game, rebooting it to its current incarnation through one of the most epic means …. “destruction” of the old world and the “rebirth” of a new one. Players that stuck with the game saw the world end around them with an in game event that ended in a cutscene of you guessed it… the end of the world.

Heavensward’s story picks up where A Realm Reborn left off. You as the “Warrior of Light” must venture to the isolated city-state of Ishgard, who have been at war with the dragons of Dravania for centuries in order to seek asylum after the events of ARR (A Realm Reborn).

Heavensward brings out a boat load of new content.

  • 9 New Locations
  • 8 New Dungeons (initially)
  • 3 New Trials (Initially)
  • New 8-man Raid Alexander (currently 4 floors released)
  • 24 Man Raid on the way named Void Ark
  • 3 New Classes: Astrologian(Healer), Dark Knight(Tank), Mechanist(Ranged Physical DPS)
  • Flying System in Heavensward Area’s
  • New Race: Au Ra
  • Level Cap raised to 60

From what you see there is a ton of new content. As of Patch 3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness there is additional content released

This new patch bring in:

  • 2 New Dungeons: Saint Mociannes Arbortoreum (Aurum Vale 2.0) and Pharos Sirius Hard Mode
  • New 24 Man Raid Void Ark
  • Continuation in the Heavensward Story line
  • New mini game in the Golden Saucer – Lord of Verminion
  • Improvments to classes such as the update to the Ninja classes Mudras (Handsigns)
  • New Beastman Tribe faction quests
  • 8 man Trial :┬áThe Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign
  • The new Exploration mission : The Diadem