Bioshock: Infinite…. Circle edition

Bioshock Infinite is a gorgeous game set in 1912. Unlike its predecessors it does not take place in the broken down underwater utopia of Rapture. Instead it takes place in the fictional utopia in the sky’s Columbia. The game is played as a FPS with one hand holding a gun and the other hand allowing the use of special powers called “Vigors”.


In Infinite you play as Booker Dewitt a former soldier during the “battle” of wounded knee turned Pinkerton agent. He has been given the deal of retrieving a certain girl from Columbia in order to wipe away his debts.

Enter, Elizabeth our charming AI controlled heroine. She is by far one of my favorite female characters in any game. She plays a support role in combat by throwing you things that she has managed to scavenge such as salts in order to recharge your power or more ammo to shove into your enemies. Her voice actor nailed the emotions of the character spot on. The most heart wrenching scenes in the game involving her are only amplified through the voice acting.


The game does an excellent tie in to the series through its ending and DLC “Burial at Sea part 1 &2”.


The music is great with some more modern songs being interpreted as barber shop quartet songs which you must look listen for otherwise you will not notice. It definitely all fits in together to make a very cohesive game and fun experience.

Review: Excellent game. Amazing sets of characters. Definitely get it and play it if you have not already.


4.5 stars