Stella Glow Review

Stella Glow is a turn based JRPG game published by Atlas for the 3DS.

Stella Glow takes place in the world of Regnant, where song was a form of magic that allowed the world of prosper, however it also brought war to the world. God saw the foolishness of humans and took the power of song away. Only witches can sing in this world and they are seen as an omen of disaster.

Here enters you an amnesiac boy by who is given the name Alto by the girl who first found you named Lisette. After some time you became the best hunter in the village of Mithra. But one day you hear a mysterious sound that turns out to be a song sung by a witch. The song was slowly turning the village and its inhabitants to crystal. As you and Lisette fight the witch and her follower, Lisette gains the powers of a witch. You become what is known as a “tuner” in that world. You help control Lisette control her abilities and fight off the witch. As the knights of Regnant arrive you are placed under watch due to Lisette’s transformation. As you figure out that witches are popping up all across the world you are sent on a journey to recruit them to your cause of defeating the evil witch and her followers.

This is an extremely awesome game that harkens back to the age of turn based JRPG games like Final Fantasy.


Undertale….. so many feels edition

Undertale is a top down RPG. It is reminiscent of old school 8 bit games. The interesting thing that it does the old rpg battle system spiced with a mini bullet hell in order to avoid damage. Instead of the traditional battles you may have against enemies you have the ability to spare your enemies through the mercy option. You can go through the entire game without killing a single monster.

hqdefault _undertale__toriel___prove_yourself_by_luminaura-d9asjis Undertale_Combat_Example

The story of the games is extremely touching. You play as a child who was playing in a forest but fell down a hole that led down to the world of monsters. Then you are taken in by the motherly Toriel who only wants to protect you, but you are adamant on going home and thus begins your adventure. The monsters in this world aren’t necessarily evil except for the creepy flower


Undertale is filled with a cast of memorable characters that embody certain tropes in videogame and tv. a2854475053_5

Overall I give this game a 9.5/10. The replayability is certainly lacking a bit in that department but the experience of going through the pacifist route and genocide route are worth the low price. The games soundtrack is also really great. It fits in so well with each of the characters.